"I cannot speak highly enough about the end product or the process in working with [Laura]. I especially appreciated her creative opinions and insight driving the video - she took a loose idea and ran with it - and the imagery, text slides, music, overall look, B roll, etc. ended up coming out far better than I could have predicted. She has a clear vision and creative instinct for film and video work. She's also professional, timely, and communicates clearly about the overall project steps - something you don't always find among people as creatively talented as Laura. I would highly recommend her."

- Jamie Davies O’Leary, Senior Ohio Policy Analyst, Fordham Institute

"Working with Laura was a great experience. Not only is she a talented professional and a pleasure to work with, but the final product truly exceeded our expectations. We would not hesitate to use her again for our video production needs."

- Marc Blaushild, President & CEO, Famous Enterprises

"Laura Paglin is a talented filmmaker at the center of the Creative Filmmakers crew. She is a true professional - insightful, respectful, and courageous in bringing life into full view. Her complete and in-depth involvement with our school has led to a masterful depiction of the reality of delivering high-quality education in an urban setting. You gain more benefit than you could have imagined with Laura."

- John Zitzner, Co-Founder, Breakthrough Schools